Welcome to Xtramile Reptile

Welcome to Xtramile Reptile, the homepage of reptile breeder and importer Christian Castille. Please allow yourself time to take a look around.

Reptile keeping is a very diverse and interesting hobby. It also follows Amphibian and Invertebrate keeping as well. I believe there are alternative methods rather than better ways of keeping. Different keepers have different ways of providing the correct care for each of there individual animals needs. Herpetology and herpetoculture is about sharing methods and ideas to create an overall better captive life for animals that thrive in the vivaria.

I am a herpetoculturist that has been keeping these animals in captivity for 18 years. Any knowledge I give is from my own experince of either keeping or breeding these animals.

All of the Guides, info and so on you find on my website are from my own personal experience or from friends within the hobby that work with us. Your entitled to disagree with what I do completely and anything you do from my advice is at your own risk. I simply offer practical hands on experience, which I have had great success with.